Art Galleries

Art comes in many varieties from bronze sculpture to live performances. History has many stories to tell and just as many perceptions and viewpoints to tell them from. Art galleries and museums are great places to find local art, classic masterpieces or modern creations that portray the varied interpretations of the area’s past.

In Cody, Wyoming the local art galleries and museums also offer a wide lens view in to the storied and sometimes wild past that created the atmosphere and environment you see when you visit today.

  • Experience the West through fine art photography, sculpture and paintings
  • Immerse yourself in the Homesteader culture
  • Celebrate native culture with a Plains Indian Museum Powwow and dance competition
  • Purchase a piece to take home to preserve your Cody vacation memories

Many artists have been drawn to the Cody and Yellowstone areas of Wyoming to try and capture its natural beauty and wild way of life through their artwork. Whether you’re looking to buy or just appreciate the different interpretations of life on the western prairies, visitors will find no shortage of artistic options and viewpoints to ponder. Gallery owners and local artists are proud to share the stories that make up the history and perhaps even predict the future of this vast land and welcome you to stop by for a piece of your very own history to take home.