Heart Mountain Interpretive Center

Heart Mountain Interpretive Center

HMWF Archival Photo

Located just fourteen miles northeast from Cody, Wyoming at the intersection of Highway 14a and Road 19 is the Heart Mountain Interpretive Center. Since 2011, the center has been telling the background and history of WWII confinement through the eyes of the Japanese and Japanese-Americans who were affected; both directly and indirectly.

This part of American history is rarely told or talked about compared to other historical events that shaped this country’s fabric in relation to tolerance and acceptance of minorities. Yet more than 14,000 people were imprisoned at the Heart Mountain Relocation Center during its three year existence in the early 1940’s.

Visitors to Cody, WY should not miss making the short trip to experience the award winning photographs, artifacts, oral histories and interactive exhibits that tell this part of our country’s history as we continue to gaze into the future. With continued efforts to stress the importance of tolerance and the need to balance the real-time concern of national security, the center’s lessons and stories may be historical, yet they continue to be relevant.

Visitors can take a self-guided walking tour along the 1000 ft. long paved walking trail with benches along the way for taking time to rest or contemplate. There are temporary exhibits that accompany the permanent fixtures of this historical place, and special events are scheduled throughout the year. The center is open year-round with varied hours by season.

No matter what time of year you plan to visit Cody, WY and the Skyline Motor Inn, you will want to be sure and save time for this historical and educational journey into our country’s past.