Winter Activities in Cody WY

Cody, WY winters provide a unique opportunity for activities and exploration. With an average daily winter temperature of 26 degrees Fahrenheit, you would think you’d be stuck indoors viewing the area’s natural beauty from behind a pane glass window. Fortunately, visitors can count on another natural occurrence to warm you up enough to experience this wonderful place in the winter.  Cody enjoys about 300 days of sunshine each and every year!

Add a dry climate, the proper gear applied in layers, Cody-style hospitality and you’ll be amazed how comfortable and cozy warm you will stay while visiting and enjoying the outdoors. Many guests appreciate Cody Country in the winter where they can avoid the summer crowds and take advantage of the opportunity to meet more year-round residents. Add to that, the snow on the mountains surrounding town, and you’ve got stunning views not available at the height of summer.

While visitors should expect the usual wintertime activities like skiing, snowmobiling and other snow-related recreation, good planning can also afford you the opportunity to participate in special events such as:

Regardless if you’re planning to recoup with quiet solitude in the winter wonderland of Cody, Wyoming or revitalize yourself with a new winter sport like ice climbing, guests of the Skyline Motor Inn will find warmth and comfort in their accommodations.  We look forward to sharing this special place with you this winter.